1. Check your settings. You need to make sure that you can receive challenges and messages.

Go to https://lichess.org/account/preferences/privacy (or click on your username in the top right of the homepage, click on settings, and then select privacy on the left). Then select the options to enable players to challenge and message you:

2. Before the game look up your opponent on the round pairings page. You then need to contact them to confirm you're happy to play at Monday at 7:00pm or suggest a more convenient alternative. This is best done early on Sunday (especially if you would prefer to play on Sunday!).

All players are expected to agree times beforehand even if they are playing on Monday at 7:00pm. 

N.B. There is an important exception. Our safeguarding processes mean that junior players will have no communication with other players. Players paired against juniors will have a note on the pairings and will need to check their e-mails.

2(a) Look up your opponent on the website

2(b) Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the homepage and type your opponent's username in.

2(c) Click on their name. 

2(d) This will take you to their page. Click on the speech bubble icon.

2(e) Leave a message.

Example messages:


You don't need to tell us anything, we'll look up the game on lichess!

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