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Welcome to the Jody Heaton Cup website, where we aim to let you know everything you need to know about the tournament and provide updates over the course of the tournament for the players (including pairings and reports of each round).

The tournament is a six round chess competition, one round per week, starting on 24th August 2020.

Games take place on the Lichess website. The time control is 60 minutes each for all moves with 15 seconds added per move (so the games can last up to three hours).

Players can request up to three byes, so the minimum commitment is to three games over the six week period.

We want to make this a fun and accessible tournament. If you have any queries please email It would be great to have some first time online chess players and we'll be happy to provide additional support.


It is round 1 time!

Registration is closed! (Late entries are possible, if you're interested please e-mail

  1. Read the how to use Lichess page

  2. Find your opponent on the Round 1 pairings page and  check what colour you are.

  3. Contact your opponent by lichess's messaging feature (see end of how to use Lichess page) to confirm the 6:30 Monday playing time or request an alternative time. Please note 6:30 Monday is the round time unless both players agree an alternate time. See the before and after the game page.

  4. Turn up on Lichess (just before) 6:30 on Monday or agreed other time and play the match as per instructions above. IF EITHER PLAYER DOESN'T SHOW BY 15 MINUTES AFTER THE AGREED TIME THEY LOSE THE MATCH. Please e-mail us to let us know your opponent didn't show.

  5. After the game please both players should e-mail the game URL/Website address to please put "Round 1 - Your Lichess Username" as the title. See the before & after the game page.

  6. All games must be played by Saturday 29th at 8pm or both players will get 0 points!

  7. The next round pairings will be available on Sunday morning.

If any of the above is unclear e-mail immediately!!!!


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