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They think it's all over, it is now!

The Jody Heaton Cup, a six round chess competition, one round per week, that started on 24th August 2020 was won by dikankan (Daniel Lee of Chorlton).

53 players took part. 


First place: dikankan


A well deserved victory, dikankan led from the start and dropped only half a point. 


Second (and third) places: Jamie_K and Calcina


Jamie_K confirmed his status a rising star of the Manchester area, with some excellent play and came through undefeated. Calcina rode his luck to the maximum, losing in the first round and thereafter avoiding all the tournament's heavy hitters. He then found a set of opponents in a generous mood and took what was on offer.


Special mentions: 


Alienmove22 was in contention for first place all the way until the last round. Ped123 had the opposite luck to Calcina, playing fantastically throughout, and only getting stopped by facing the two highest rated players in the tournament. snowDeath and Leilapeymani are both new to playing in MCF events, they both finished on 4 points, and we hope we'll see much more of them. P1nFork finished on 3.5 points, a great result for one of the underdogs.


Most cumulative points by players from a MCF club:


Eccles: The runaway winner with 37.5 points (next Chorlton with 18).


Most cumulative points by the three highest scoring players from a MCF club:


Chorlton: dikankan leads his team (with Bobik98 & ersZ43T) to victory with 12.5 points, just edging out Eccles with 12.

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